When we refer to landscape, we are referring to outdoor space and all of the elements contained in it, not just plantings.

The landscape architect is responsible for the well being of everyone who enters his designed spaces. Elements are selected with this in mind. Vertical elements can excite, horizontals calm. Color draws attention. Ever consider why the Japanese garden is associated with calm and relaxation? It's because these gardens are filled with horizontal lines, some cut into the tree canopies, and color is limited or non existent. Interest is gained by contrasting shades of green together as well as varying textures. Water is used in a very natural way. Contrast that with a Las Vegas-style fountain. It is fascinating to consider that design has the power to effect people’s lives so profoundly.

The landscapes of today must do more than in the past. Patios can easily expand living spaces in our Central California climate. A wall can define space or add privacy. The wall material may borrow from materials seen on the building, leading to a unified, comfortable experience. Planned landscapes can save fresh water for reuse and prevent it from emptying into the ocean. Our landscape designs can provide a refuge from the scheduled world, or even be used to attract commercial customers. Of course landscapes can provide food. We like incorporating vegetables within the framework of an organized garden. Strawberries can be used as a groundcover, or arranged on a agricultural grid that collides with a more formal landscape.

We like a simple exterior experience with a limited number of elements. We suppose most architects become modernists as they mature, boiling down elements into their essence. This leads to a more serene experience compared to an active or overwhelming one. Nature designs with a simple palette most of the time. So do we. We particularly like using grasses in mass. Gravel can be a simplifying element, at times doubling as access, and always with low water use in mind. More than ever before, we are studying color compatibility within an exterior.

We have devoted our life’s work to the pursuit of landscape architecture. Please call or email us soon. We look forward to meeting you and your family.